High-Yield Deflationary Token

Liquidity Event is LIVE

Uniswap Liquidity Generation Event Stake, Farm, Grow

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Participate in the LGE by sending your chosen amount of ETH to the audited Cörlibri contract.

Once the LGE is over, all ETH will be sent to the Uniswap pair in order to begin trading and earning rewards for LP

Cörlibri Roadmap

steakTrimAngled Staking

Stake your Cörlibri tokens to earn interest. No tricks, no secondary tokens. This yield is paid in actual Cörlibri tokens.

barn Farming

Farm Cörlibri LP pairs to earn yCör tokens. These can be sold, traded/burned for NFTs, or even staked for more yield.

factory Development

We are constantly developing new projects based around Cörlibri. A whole ecosystem of Cörlibri-based products awaits.