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Wrap your Cörlibri in order to stake it for rewards! Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Buy Cörlibri tokens
Step 2: Swap your Cörlibri tokens for wCör
Step 3: Stake wCör to get rewards!

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Cörlibri Roadmap

steakTrimAngled Staking

Stake your Cörlibri tokens to earn interest. No tricks, no secondary tokens. This yield is paid in actual Cörlibri tokens.

barn Farming

Farm Cörlibri LP pairs to earn yCör tokens. These can be sold, traded/burned for NFTs, or even staked for more yield.

factory Development

We are constantly developing new projects based around Cörlibri. A whole ecosystem of Cörlibri-based products awaits.