High-Yield Deflationary Token

NFT Feather Depot Exclusive NFTs from Cörlibri and Our Partners

You can now Stake LP tokens in order to earn points that are tradable for exclusive NFTs.

The longer you stake, the more points you earn!

See our OpenSea page in order to see what NFTs you can claim with your points.

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Cörlibri Roadmap

steakTrimAngled Staking

Stake your Cörlibri tokens to earn interest. No tricks, no secondary tokens. This yield is paid in actual Cörlibri tokens.

barn Farming

Farm Cörlibri LP pairs to earn yCör tokens. These can be sold, traded/burned for NFTs, or even staked for more yield.

factory Development

We are constantly developing new projects based around Cörlibri. A whole ecosystem of Cörlibri-based products awaits.